“Whatever your dream might be, just set off and see how things’ll turn up to be”: these were the words resounding in Ghost Nose creator’s mind as soon as he began working on his project. A backpack filled with loads of enthusiasm and just the bare necessities was what he always kept with himeself while visiting the most authoritative exhibitions and trade fairs in Italy. His eyes were bright with admiration towards those who already succeded in their projects and his mind was always wondering whether one day he would become the creative director of an entire collection of his own, just like his favourite perfumers: something that has eventually become reality thanks to his sacrifices, an unstoppable research, and the selection of the best raw materials and suppliers. As of now, the Ghost Nose collection counts six exclusive fragrances and marks one of the first accomplishment by his creator, also busy on a number of other successful projects. His dream, the passion which has accompanied him through his childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, has finally seen the light.





Originating from the passion of a young art director, the Ghost Nose collection of fragrances has been inspired by the world of perfumery itself, especially by the ones who blend the essences to create something unique. As a matter of fact, the “ghost nose” represents the perfumer himself, whose ability is only smelt but never seen.
A stylized bottle with a twofold interpretation is the symbol of this collection: a perfum container which fades into a nose shape, just an optical illusion confirming the subtle nature of the one who gives life to the fragrance. He is an artist whose experience can indeed be listed among the essences within the perfum he has created.
The pillars of the Ghost Nose philosophy have been erected by the contact, both human and professional, between the young brand manager and this selection of experienced “noses”: a refined style that meets the needs of a fresh and young public, bringing the niche perfumery to those who want to discover a whole world of quality essences.